Beginnings of a Story

I have no idea how this all started…Hold up, well, I kind of know where this all started. You know, I was born in Austin, Texas to two typical parents-both farmers, may I add-and me being there one and only little girl. I was named Michelle Johnson-just cause they “liked” the name, I just think they were lazy-and we have lived on this tiny farm at the edge of town ever since. But, what I am talking about is how did I end up here, in this very moment-in this very situation. I remember Me maw-my mother-had sent me into town to get the daily newspaper, and some candy I could eat on the way home. I saw Ms. Mclain and her awfully, overdressed, scrawny no-haired cat. Man, I hate that cat, he gives me chills. Then, I saw Mr. Lo, my favorite neighbor, who tells me stories of the townspeople all the time, which I absolutely LOVE. Lastly, I saw Johnathon, the cute mail boy, and he gave the cutest wink ever; I could have melted right there. But, that still doesn’t explain why I am in this situation, and why I am not home in front of the fire, drinking some tea. I started walking home, and obviously because we are on the verge of winter I couldn’t help but keep my head to the sky, day dreaming about the snowflakes partying before departing there way to the ground. Ahh, maybe that’s what led me here. The day dreaming. But, I was walking the right path, and even looked in front of me every now and then, but I am clumsy, so that explains alot. So, now that I am here, I have to get out. Obviously, Memaw and Pepaw and everyone else, wont know that me somehow walking home, ended up me landing inside an old chugged-up train, heading straight towards the forest. I just realized something though; we have NO trains, and we only have farmland. Mr. Lo said since our town is so small ,there is no need for forests and a train. So, if none of this is real, am I daydreaming? But, I am awake, I pinched myself multiple times. Wait, I am awake, right???


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