Security Guard

Ok, this ain’t no story. This is real life. Freaking security bumping away the right to play for the children in my neighborhood. Within my neighborhood, we have this little beautiful garden with benches, and big areas of green grass. I have played there all my life. A bunch of the neighborhood kids have played there all there damn life. Then, all of a sudden in the summer of 2015, we ain’t allowed to make noise, or run or even talk. The hell? Of course, many of the neighbors are with the kids, but obviously there is the other half of the spectrum that agrees with the security guard. The hell? THIS IS OUR CHILDHOOD, FOR GOODNESS SAKE. If we don’t get to play now, when else do we get to play? When we are 80 years old , barely able to get out of bed?

Do not ever in your life stop a child, from being a child. It’s in that time of there life, where they should be allowed to make mistakes, play and learn. Stopping them from being children, and playing around will create pain and problems down the line; just you WATCH. We deserve to play, ride bikes and talk with our friends; especially since it’s the summer. All year long, and this is the first time we can feel free, and even that is taken away because we are being children. Bull crap. Children deserve to have the best childhood, because everything that happens in there childhood, will create a long lasting impact on them, and transform them into a real person. With harsh memories, comes harsh reality.

We deserve to have fun.
We deserve to have fun.

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