Bunk Bed

I have stories brewing within my head, and now I share them with you. 

Ever since I was a wee child, I remember always sleeping and sharing my bed through a bunk bed. Me, on top and my brother on the bottom. That is how it always been; I knew of nothing else. By my little “room” I have put my artwork, and movie posters of some of my favorite films. I also have, one TINY little window, overlooking the garden behind our apartment. That’s it. It was what I considered a room. But, every time I looked out that little window, I wondered what was above and beyond this little bunk bed, this little window, this little garden. How odd, everything is was so little when I was younger, and now everything seems even littler now that I am older.I always thought that because I was on top of the bunk bed, I was the leader, I could conquer the world, and I could actually potentially control my life; boy was I hella wrong.

I learned there are things I could control, like what I could eat for lunch, but a lot of the things within my life I had no control in, whatsoever. Sitting on my little bunk bed, I realized that it was a battle; me vs the world. I had to understand that if I wanted to win any battle within life, I had to open up my mind, and get it out of the little bunk bed it has been apart of all it’s life. As creative I may be, where I could let my mind wander, and let it think things that are all around impossible, when it came time for reality, it closed up, and hid on that little bunk bed under the blanker, knowing that it will “go away.” No one can live like that, I my self don’t want to live like that. it’s time to take on the world, don’t ya think? Or else I will be hidden under the covers of my bunk bed for life. But, first let’s grab a bite before conquering the world, eh?

I have got to get out of this bunk bed, and go exploring.
I have got to get out of this bunk bed, and go exploring.

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