I have stories brewing in my head, and now, I tell them to you.

Don’t get me wrong by the title; this isn’t any type of  typical freedom I am talking about. What I am talking about, is the freedom to go out and explore. As a kid, and even now, I have this urge to go out and see the world. But, when you live in a place where you are so restricted to go see the world, and can barely even go see the park down the road, its hard to imagine seeing what is out in the big vast world. Today, as I headed out for a bike ride, I headed to a park a few blocks away. I entered the park through a forest trail, and for once in my life, I felt as if I had seen real beauty and mother nature at her divine art craft at work. With trails, and a gigantic castle themed playground, it was everything I had ever wished for. For someone, with this urge to get out of the house all the time, seeing this park was like magic to me; I never wanted to leave. I could have spent all there in that little park, if I wanted to.

Don’t hold yourself back and go for risks; something I tell myself all the time, and other people to. People seem to follow my advice, but I don’t seem to follow my own advice. What would I have killed for a childhood filled with travelling and moving. As horrible as people make it sound, to me it sounds like an adventure. Every opportunity I get in life, I try and turn it into an adventure, since I don’t have that many adventures of my own. People have got to understand that as much as technology and watching television will stick around, this beauty of mother nature, and the urge to go explore will disappear, and something that will end up in regret for the rest of our lives. I tell people, that do whatever your heart desires, because you don’t want to be 80 years old in a retirement home, wondering why you didn’t do it. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are. To take an adventure, and go exploring is a wonderful thing that can happen anywhere, anytime, any age, any place. Don’t hold back, because a little magic in one’s day never hurt. Hey, look a fox outside my window…time to follow it….

I need to get out, and fulfill this urge to explore.  And, I will. Watch.
I need to get out, and fulfill this urge to explore. And, I will. Watch.

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