I have story brewing in my head, and now I tell it to you.

Ever since I can remember, I have grown up with music around my head. I have heard everything from rock, hip hop, country to metal. I can’t remember a life, where for one day I don’t hear some time of music. It’s a part of me, my emotions, and my mind. I need some kind of music within my day and within me, to even considering a day of acting like a normal human being. But this story, it ain’t about music. It’s about those certain songs, notes, vocals that make you feel something. Anything. Love, freedom, hope, inspiration. You know, those certain songs that just touch your soul, and make you feel as though the world is not such a bad place you thought it really was. It touches your soul, heart and mind, and combine them to act as one. I have certain songs within my playlists, that make me believe as though true love exists, as though love is real and can last for a lifetime. I have certain songs that make me feel inspired, and give me hope to motivate through a certain time within my life. They touch me emotionally, and help to express my emotions and feelings, in which simple facial expressions, or simple conversations just can’t portray.

A life without music is life without dreaming. I am told a lot by my parents that I have earphones in my ears all the time, and am just blocking out the important things in life. But, what they don’t understand is that listening to music helps to UNDERSTAND what truly is important in life. I cant just put music aside and say “I will devote my time and energy to you.” Music, and songs, touch me emotionally in a way, where I can find myself, especially during a time period where I can’t understand who I am. A time period like now, where I don’t understand where to go, who I am, or what to do. I am a confused little girl, but with music, I can realize that maybe things will get better, and maybe I am worth more than my own little mind can comprehend. La la la, de de da da….

Listening to music at moments like these, make me understand what is important in life.
Listening to music at moments like these, make me understand what is important in life.

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