I have stories within my head, and now, I share it with you. 

This little story starts with this; a little white fluff. You have probably seen it floating around your town. Something, I would catch and cup in the palm of my hands as a little girl, and whisper my wishes into. And, within a couple seconds, throw back up into the sky and watch it fly away. I never thought twice about my wishes coming true; I just KNEW they were coming true. Every little moment, where I could make a wish I did; dandelions, eyelashes, the first star, a shooting star, and my little white fluff. I would wish for typical things, like ponies, dollies, and a trip to the zoo. Now older, I still do it-and I do wish for ponies and toys every now and then. But the other day, I caught my little white fluff, cupped it in the palm of my hands, and made a wish; for a glimmer of happiness. I whisper, that though I have no idea where I am going, and have no idea what to do, or who to be, I wish to see what the world of happiness feels like. Though I still make wishes, I had doubts about how they would come true.

You know, I always had this idea that being happy was based on who you become, the amount of money you make and how you leave your life behind as; a legacy. But I was wrong. Happiness is what you make of it. I have no idea what my dreams are, and at this point happiness is just another question roaming around in my hectic brain. But, it’s the little things that add up all together-and one them is being able to use my imagination to see that my little wishes probably fade away to a fairy, a fairy that uses all her magic and power to bring my wishes to life. Wishes; what a fun and weird way of telling what you really want at that moment in life.  Maybe, a wish will lead to me to a live an ordinary life that has little fairy-tale blooming within it.  Maybe, a wish will lead me to another world. Maybe a wish will just lead me to be happy. I had this little story brewing inside my little head, and I now told it to you. Oh look what just flew by my window, another white fluff. I wish…

I need imagination to function like a human.
I need imagination to function like a human.

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